A Tale of Two Homes ~ Or, Can You Feel It?
Certified Residential Specialist

A Tale of Two Homes ~ Or, Can You Feel It?

A Tale of Two Homes ~ Or, Can You Feel It?
 on  Jan  29,  2006

Two homes piqued my attention this week ~ both situated in premier locations along the West Seattle waterfront, and both masterfully interpreted examples of modern architectural design and commanding substantial sound views.   Architectural preferences aside, the difference between these two stunning homes is that one is the “It” girl, overflowing with the energy and life of a debutante, the other a “wallflower” all dressed up for the party that never appeared.  Home #1 was introduced to the market earlier this week, combining a price point selected with laser beam precision with a Madison Avenue-worthy marketing campaign.  Unveiled to the oohs and aahs of a rapt and captive audience (borne out by the stack of agent’s business cards on the kitchen counter), this home actually made my heart rate rise as I approached and entered.  “And the Golden Globe goes to…!!” 

On the other hand, Home #2, while enjoying a far more sweeping and unblockable sound view, has languished on the market for over a year.  This remarkable home, with an original asking price far beyond the market value, was never given a proper debut into the marketplace to the acclaim worthy of its architectural design and vision, but was allowed to limp onstage weighed down by a hugely inflated price tag and accompanied by no marketing hoo-haa whatsoever.  After more than a year and one small price reduction later, the reaction of curious passers-by (and even serious shoppers) is similar to that when perusing the designer clearance table at Nordstrom ~ “Oh, it’s lovely! But it’s been hanging here so long!  There must be something wrong with it!  It must need to be marked down A LOT MORE!”  Sorry, ratings down, season canceled!

My point here, as I try not to mix metaphors, is that the energy and life of a newly listed home dissipates after the first two to three weeks on the market.  Harness the energy of a precisely honed and executed listing plan for your home, one which encompasses preparation, pricing, and presentation.  And let the show begin!

Allison Willhite

Allison is a veteran Realtor®, Managing Broker, and Certified Residential Specialist with the Seattle office of Coldwell Banker Danforth. A former luxury retail buyer, Allison is also a Certified Home Staging Professional, a mid-century modern design aficionado and marketing expert. An avid runner/hiker/biker/swimmer and all around nature lover, Allison enjoys blogging about Seattle real estate happenings, neighborhoods, beaches, parks, trails, wildlife and dogs.


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