Spring Has Sprung In West Seattle!
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Spring Has Sprung In West Seattle!

Spring Has Sprung In West Seattle!
 on  Apr  12,  2016
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In Seattle, we look forward to spring all winter long. And in Seattle, spring can tickle and tease anytime from January to June. We know the weeks of near 70 degree sunshine followed by 40 degree drizzle. We know planning the first backyard beer around the fire pit, only to trade it in for hot chocolate (OK, and beer) around the living room fireplace. Heck, even the trees get confused on when to bud and when to hold back. Sometimes that back and forth can be frustrating.

But this week, for me, it finally seems as if spring has sprung for 2016. Now, I still know better than to make plans that completely depend on the weather… but I also know I can get up every day and, despite the weather that might greet me at the door, trust that the inevitable has already occurred. Seattle has begun its annual transformation into one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in the world!

OK, so I am biased. But for all the delightful places I’ve been in springtime (and there are more than a few), this place is by far the greenest and most bountiful. We come by our nickname of the “Emerald City” honestly, “Rain City” as well, I suppose. But the beauty of Seattle in the springtime when every bud is blooming, every tree is filling out, every flower is stretching for the sun… it’s just tough to beat.

Cherry Blossoms

And I was reminded of that by none other than my wife and my dog this week. Out for a simple walk. Enjoying the sights and smells of our simple West Seattle neighborhood. Watching our neighbors planting in their gardens, pulling weeds and mulching beds and, in some cases, just letting it all grow until it absolutely has to be mowed *grin*. Heck, even the dandelions are pretty until they go to seed and make a million more!

So if you haven’t done it already, take a good look around your neighborhood! Go for a walk and take inventory of all the beautiful little nooks and crannies; all the gnarled old trees spouting beautiful blossoms, the trained vines growing in fences, the gazillion hydrangeas blowing up everywhere and in every color!


Enjoy your spring, Seattle. We’ve waited all winter for it!

Scott Willhite

Scott is a Software Delivery Program Director for a boutique consulting firm and owner of 11•2 Labs. A former Realtor®, Scott is also co-founder of the DNN open source project and DNN Corp. A published author (DNN for Dummies, Professional DNN 7), Microsoft MVP and avid sea kayaker, Scott is a regular contributor to the Alki Homes blog and responsible for all of Alki Homes technical programs and social marketing.


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