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Seattle Planting Strips Are Off Limits For Signage

Seattle Planting Strips Are Off Limits For Signage
on  Mar 282016

You can tell spring is coming to Seattle. The sun starts to come out more; the flowers & trees start to bloom; the directional “house for sale” signs start springing up all over. Like weeds. So what do you do if a bunch of signs start showing up in your neighborhood and they’re driving you nuts?

A Tale of Two Homes ~ Or, Can You Feel It?

A Tale of Two Homes ~ Or, Can You Feel It?
on  Jan 292006

Two homes piqued my attention this week ~ both situated in premier locations along the West Seattle waterfront, and both masterfully interpreted examples of modern architectural design and commanding substantial sound views. Architectural preferences aside, the difference between these two stunning homes is that one is the “It” girl, overflowing with the energy and life of a debutante, the other a “wallflower” all dressed up for the party that never appeared...

Magic, pixies & fairy dust

Magic, pixies & fairy dust
on  Jan 282006

Magic, fairies and pixie dust... While interesting subject matter for children's books and works of classic fiction, these ingredients combine to form potential disaster when selling your home.  If the pricing strategy you're hearing from a prospective real estate agent isn't backed by sound judgment, compelling evidence of competency and preparation, and a dose of common sense... get out your pixie dust detector.  Fast!

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