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Finding Your Seattle Home

The process of finding your future home has come a long way.

The Old Days

There was a time (and not that long ago – think mid to late 1990’s) when the only way to find homes for sale was to drive up and down the streets scouting “for sale” signs, comb through the Sunday newspaper classifieds, or have your realtor show you listings from the “MLS Book”.  Imagine a huge catalog printed on grainy newsprint and filled with hundreds of home listings each accompanied by only one tiny black and white thumbnail photo.  Since the “Books” were only printed once a month or so, much of the information could be outdated at any given time.  And if a new listing came on the market, it could be weeks before it was printed in “the Book”.  It’s no wonder it took forever to find a house to buy!

The Age of the Internet

Now of course, an explosion of online real estate listings services has drastically changed the way home buyers search for homes.  With the Northwest MLS listings literally at your fingertips, it is now possible to view homes online 24/7, from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  You can search for listings in a given school zone or price range, take virtual tours of homes you might be interested in, and quickly eliminate ones that don’t appeal to you.  If you are actively searching for a home, make sure the online search you are using, such as the Alki Homes search located on this website, updates or refreshes continually.  On some of the large real estate sites, the information may take days to update so you can easily miss out on new listings.  I can advise you which are the best sites to use.

At Alki Homes we provide best in class search tools including:

Working Together

As your trusted advisor, consultant, educator, and guide, helping you to find the perfect home is a collaborative effort.  I will work together with you to determine the pace and style you are comfortable with depending on your time frame and your goals.  I can update you with new listings that match your criteria the minute they appear on the market, or preview listings that you have found online, giving you information that may not have been readily apparent.  I may often have information about unlisted or off-market homes that could fit your needs. 

Open Houses

Most open houses take place on Saturdays or Sundays.  They are still a valuable option to view a home that has showing restrictions or is otherwise difficult to view according to your personal schedule.  Attending open houses is also a good way to get a feel for different neighborhoods if you are undecided on which neighborhood might best suit you.   Keep in mind that in a fast market, by the time the open house takes place, there may already be offers on the table or the home may even have already sold.

If you would like to talk more about buying a home in Seattle, contact me for a free consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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