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Closing Your Home Sale

Once we have negotiated a contract with the right buyer and reached mutual agreement, my work as your Seller’s Agent has only just begun!   I liken the closing process to the vision of a duck paddling on a lake.

All you see is a calm relaxed duck but underneath the surface the duck is paddling furiously to get where it is going.

There are hundreds of details and many moving parts to the closing of a home sale.  Loan approval, appraisal, insurance, home warranties, clearing title, HOA, inspections, repairs, earnest money, moving, keys, closing appointments, funding and recording are only a few of the steps towards closing. Decisions may need to be made at any particular step as the transaction moves along. 

I am committed to closing each transaction successfully, smoothly, and on time.  I proactively anticipate any small issues that may arise so they do not become big issues.  I handle all the details so you always have peace of mind knowing you are protected contractually at all times.

Dozens of individuals are involved, including buyers, buyers agents, escrow and title officers, attorneys, lenders, contractors, inspectors, appraisers, and many more.  I will coordinate all the communication, timelines, document delivery, deposits, signatures, et cetera that are necessary as we proceed towards a successful closing of your sale.

As your trusted advisor and Seller’s Agent you can be assured that I work only on your behalf at all times.

If you would like to talk further about listing and selling your home, please contact me for a free consultation.

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