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Negotiating an Offer

Significant value can be gained or lost during negotiation.  Experienced mediators, agents and negotiators – whether in real estate, law, or other business situations - deal with negotiation issues regularly and have an advantage over novices.   The process of negotiating demands not only good business judgment, but a keen understanding of human nature. 

Let us never negotiate out of fear.   But let us never fear to negotiate.
– John F. Kennedy

My 30 years of experience - in real estate as well as in my previous career in the luxury retail buying environment - plus extensive training in interpersonal counseling strategies - gives me a valuable perspective from which to achieve my clients best outcomes during negotiation.  The traits of successful negotiators that you can expect from me include: confidence developed through experience, creativity, listening skills, incredible preparation, integrity and respect.

Once an offer or offers is received on your home, we will review the price and terms of each offer and negotiate each accordingly. Negotiation is much more than simply haggling over the price. There are many terms of a real estate transaction that are important and beneficial to you, the seller that I make sure are negotiated in your favor. Here is a short list of what we will look for when evaluating each offer.

  • Clean Offer

    I look for a clean offer from a buyers agent.  If an offer is not “clean” then it is likely the transaction and closing process will not be smooth either.  Offer paperwork not filled out correctly, lots of ambiguous time frames or unclear contractual language, additional contingencies that do not favor you, the seller are all examples of red flags.
  • Price

    A pretty straightforward variable, as our goal is to get the highest price possible for your home in the shortest amount of time.  If the offer is not at full price, I will expect an explanation from the buyers agent, I will look to understand the motivation of the buyer and negotiate accordingly from a position of preparation and knowledge.
  • Financing

    The financing landscape has changed dramatically in the years following the “Mortgage Meltdown” of 2008.   All cash buyers are becoming more common in the Seattle real estate market.  We will look carefully at the strength of all aspects of the buyers financial position, including earnest money deposit.
  • Inspection period

    My years of experience can help negotiate inspection time frames and issues in your favor.  We will work together prior to listing to proactively mitigate any risk to you on inspection so we are in a strong position to negotiate during the inspection process.
  • Closing date

    We will negotiate a closing date that works best for you, the seller depending upon your personal circumstances.

There are many other smaller details and variables to discuss and of course it is ultimately your decision on how to respond to any offer.

As your Seller’s Agent, advocate and trusted advisor I negotiate only on your behalf.

If you would like to talk further about selling your home, please contact me for a free consultation.


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