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Mount Baker

A jewel of a neighborhood with a rich and diverse architectural heritage, the Mount Baker neighborhood is often overlooked until early August’s Seafair celebration, when Seattleites flock to its beaches, parks and boulevards for a bird’s eye view of Navy Blue Angels performing over Lake Washington.  Although there are many beautiful streets in Mount Baker, Cascadia Avenue is the most well known, running along the top of the hillside and gracefully sloping down to Lake Washington.  The homes along this broad, park-like boulevard are a veritable feast of architectural eye candy, from stately Colonials with sweeping lake views and substantial, manicured grounds, to utterly charming Tudor cottages tucked behind English gardens.

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Settled in the early 1900’s, Mount Baker is one of Seattle’s earliest planned residential communities, and takes its name from the view of Mt. Baker in Whatcom County, nearly 100 miles away to the northeast. The neighborhood is bounded on the west by MLK Jr Way and Rainier Avenue, on the east by Lake Washington Boulevard, and from the I-90 lid on the north end to Genesee Park on the south.  The Olmsted brothers (famed designers of New York’s Central Park) were commissioned for the layout of curving streets and broad, park-like boulevards.  In some ways, Mount Baker resembles Capitol Hill, where the stately, expensive homes were built about the same time. But Mount Baker also includes blocks of houses with more modest designs and affordable prices.

A multi sport athlete's dream, it would be hard to find a more scenic place to run or bike than along Mount Baker’s Lake Washington Boulevard.  On Bicycle Sundays in summer, the boulevard is closed  to car traffic, so it’s available only to bikers and pedestrians.  In December, the community gathers at the beaches to celebrate with the parade of lighted Christmas ships.  There are several parks along the waterfront, from Mount Baker Beach Park on the north end to Stan Sayres Memorial Park (home to the Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center) on the south.  From rowing, sailing, kayaking to windsurfing or stand up paddle boarding, you will find it here on the shores of Lake Washington.

Last but not least, the name of the game in Mount Baker is community.  The Mount Baker Community Club, organized in 1909, is the oldest continually active community club in the United States, and houses itself in a building listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Its motto, “Get together, get busy, boost!” says it all.

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